Isanti Spirits is coming to town! Come and drink great whiskey and gin while you listen to the owner of Isanti Spirits tell his dreams and how he made them come true!
This still makes spirits the way you are supposed to. Isanti truly tries to make a local whiskey. They didn’t invent a creative label, concoct a story about using his great grandparents long lost recipe and then send the recipe to be made in some huge distillery in Indiana. He did things the hard and methodical way. He took time to learn the art of distilling, studying at the highly esteemed Dry Fly operation in Washington. Next he spent time at at the Artisan Distilling Institute at Michigan State. This program is truly one of the top places in the country to learn the craft. He finally concocted his own Rye Whiskey recipe, and bought a farm in Isanti. Isanti was the last dry county in Minnesota but now they have fully embraced his operation. His grains come right from his farm or from his immediate neighbors in Isanti. The water used is the fresh and clean water of northern Minnesota. Isanti truly tries to make a genuine local rye whiskey as well as his delicious Sunken Bobber Bourbon.
He also makes great gin on the premises. I’m not sure if it was planned or not, but he discovered that red cedar was growing on a portion of his farm that were producing a rare breed of Juniper. With junipers in his yard he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make gin. Again, everything is coming from his immediate vicinity whenever possible. Isanti Tilted Cedar Gin is a true farm to bottle gin!
Right now he makes three great products with more coming in the pipeline. I can tell you how well-crafted his goods are, but don’t take my word for it! You can buy tickets here to meet the owners of Isanti Spirits and Tin Whisker Brewing and try several of their products while eating delicious food from Johnny Mangos paired especially for this event. Food, spirit, beer and fun all for only $20!