Tin Whiskers BeerTin Whiskers Brewing is coming to town!  Come and drink great local beer while you listen to the owner of Tin Whiskers tell his story, beer philosophy and dreams

Tin Whiskers is quickly gaining a reputation of being on the forefront of the explosive Twin Cities beer scene.  The owners strive to make outstanding, technically driven beers.  With electrical engineering degrees in hand before their beer journey started, their methods, marketing and philosophy lean to the nerdy and scientific side.  They also have a mania for freshness.  They frequently stop into shops themselves to guarantee freshness and quality, they leave nothing to chance and don’t depend on distributors or liquor store staff to keep their beer rotated.  

Their background is in electrical engineering but their passion is great beer.  This shows in the product.  They strive for technically perfect beer but they still don’t forget the art and passion that truly great beer requires.  They are walking a near perfect line of science and art in every brew they create!

I can tell you how well-crafted his beers are, but don’t take my word for it!  You can buy tickets here to meet the owners of Isanti Spirits and Tin Whisker Brewing and try several of their products while eating delicious food from Johnny Mangos paired especially for this event.  Food, spirit, beer and fun all for only $20!