Italian Wines

The beauty and the problem with Italy is the sheer diversity of grapes and appellations.  There are so many regions and indigenous grapes that is is dizzying.  Making this country amazing yet hard to grasp.  This small country makes approximately 25% of all the worlds wine grapes.  Amazing!  The problem though is sifting through the plonk to get at the truly great wines that Italy can produce.  Italy has vines growing in every corner of the country.  Much is mediocre but there is enough truly outstanding wine being churned out that drinking Italian wine is worth the effort.  Using grapes that most have never heard of, Italy can produce beautiful crisp whites in the Northeast,  full bodied reds from the Peidmont, Tuscany and the South, exciting sparkling wine and rich dessert wines throughout the country.  This is truly a region worth exploring it’s diversity and shouldn’t be overlooked because some of the grapes and appellations may not be familiar.  Apollo will guide you through the muddied waters and help you emerge with great wine.