Root Beer Kegs

Root Beer Keg FAQ

An eight gallon keg holds about 85 twelve ounce servings. The amount can vary depending on the amount of foam and quality of the pump. Of course and 16 gallon keg gives about 170 12 oz servings (just over 7 cases)
Yes we do! For a nominal charge, we will deliver the keg and set it up to ensure it is ready to go.
Yes we do. However we do charge a deposit that you would get back when it is retured in good condition. The deposit is $15. We also charge a $75 deposit for the pump and $60 for the keg itself. You may pay cash or use a credit card for the deposit. Sorry no checks allowed.
We like to have around a week just to be safe. In actuality, we can get a keg the next day and even the same day if called in the morning.
Only one of our locations carries any kegs on hand. The Apollo Liquor and Smokeshop location (507-252-1300) carries a limited selection on-hand. It is always best to call ahead and reserve a keg to be guaranteed getting one.
Yes you can! We have an arrangement to have reserved kegs available at the Shell Gas Station on 4th St. SE. Kegs must be prepaid for though. The cashiers at the gas station can not take money the keg. They will also only be able to offer limited assistance in loading it in your vehicle.